Facebook has become the pitiful small talk of the cocktail party that is our world today. If you can imagine yourself in a room. This room  full of people that you kind of know and they are talking about subjects that you or they know very little about. It sounds like every  holiday party you've ever been to doesn't it? You know that party you can't wait to leave but still you stay and stay some more.

It is no wonder people get so infuriated at Facebook and the comments. It brings to light just how ignorant we are in regards to most subjects and how frustrated we feel that others don't bother to know more before commenting.

How does Facebook make you feel lousy?

Let's explore that concept of feeling lousy because of Facebook. Here are some of the reasons that I find too much time on Facebook makes me feel less than wonderful.

1. I am glad you are on vacation. I am not, don't rub it in with all the pictures. In real life I love you, at this moment I hope you get sunburned and stung by a jellyfish. By the way bad people have social media too, they  might come rob your place while you're gone.

2. I am glad that you have acquired: a new car, a new lover, some fig preserves, a large bacon cheeseburger, a new house, a pair of shoes, a new family member, a rubber swimsuit, some old cheese, a vacant lot or a new tattoo. I am glad you shared that information once.  Now get it out of my face because I want to acquire things like that  too but you already did that. Dang over-achiever.

3. I am really not over or under enthused to be on the planet today. I am afraid if I don't post something cheery I will come off as being a whiner or ungrateful. Even worse if I tell you the truth about how I really feel you might suggest professional help. The sad truth is I am having a typical day and it's not very exciting to be me sometimes. I hate to admit it but I am really kind of boring.

4. I never knew you were that needy. I don't mean needy in the way of canned food or second hand clothes, I mean needy in the way you have to have the spotlight. It must be very lonely where you are when you have to cry out like that in a room full of mostly strangers. I don't want to patronize you. I do want you to know I care. I bet if we spoke in person or on the phone it might help you.  I don't know how to help you feel better on social media and in a public forum and that makes me feel worse than you.

5. Why do you have to be so mean? You can disagree, agree, like or don't like, correct me if I am mistaken too, I am good with all of those but being mean for the sake of being mean that is just wrong. The world has enough hate we don't need any help spreading it. If conclusions were cliffs most of us on social media would be dead from jumping so quickly.


Those are my thoughts as to why Facebook makes you feel worse the more time you spend with it. The folks at Time Magazine did a nice article pointing out some scientific research that is a lot more in depth and more factual than my rants.

I do think Facebook is a great tool for sharing information and opinions.I do love to hear good news about things in your life. I also like to know when  you need a friend.

I also think that people sometimes forget the icons on the screen are real people with real feelings. I also feel that too much time in the world of cyber relationships will dull your ability to get out and have the more meaningful personal relationships.

As always I welcome your comments, suggestions and helpful criticism. If you want to be mean you can do that too. It's okay Baby Jesus will only cry for a little while  until you quit.

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