A major celestial event that is forecast to happen in just a few weeks has sent some emergency planners and some Texas residents into a state of flux. The event? It's the April 8th eclipse that you've been hearing so much about. The state of flux? That depends on where you happen to be and just how close to the path of the eclipse you expect to be.

Annular Solar Eclipse Observed
JAXA/NASA/Hinode, Getty Images

And if you're not familiar with the path of the April 8th Eclipse, the video below should explain where the moon's shadow is expected to darken the surface of the Earth for just a few minutes on that Monday. Yes, the eclipse will happen on a Monday, and since at least one of you will ask, no, we can't move it to the weekend.

As you might imagine throngs of skywatchers will descend on the projected path of the April 8th eclipse to experience it firsthand. If you've never experienced one of these events, I can tell you, it is rather mind-blowing. It's pretty easy to see why ancient cultures revered these celestial happenings.

Why Are Texas Officials Issuing Warnings About the April 8th Eclipse?

Most of the warnings that the general public receives about observing eclipses and other celestial events have to do with eye safety and protection. This eclipse is no different. You will need to have the proper eye protection to observe it. But, the threat to your eyes is not the reason emergency managers are asking for the public to plan.

Adam Smith via Unsplash.com
Adam Smith via Unsplash.com

In Hays County Texas, located just to the south and west of Austin, first responders and civic leaders are expecting a huge influx of crowds. This will mean a strain on the county's infrastructure. In other words, there will be a lot of traffic. There will be crowds. There will likely be spotty shortages of groceries and gasoline in some of the smaller communities along "ground zero" for the eclipse.

Partial Solar Eclipse
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There are also concerns that huge crowds could interrupt the progress of emergency medical teams and first responders should their services be needed. That's why Texas residents are being asked to "stock up" and "fuel up" ahead of the eclipse weekend.

CBS Mornings via YouTube
CBS Mornings via YouTube

Hays County, Texas has put together a very comprehensive list of Do's and don'ts, and great suggestions to make viewing the eclipse an enjoyable experience. You can see their suggestions here. They suggest you get your groceries and gas ahead of time, especially if you live in the area. Or if you're going to be driving into the area you might want to make sure that your tank is topped off and that you brought food, snacks, and water for all who are traveling with you.

It's Going To Be A Long Time Until the Next Solar Eclipse

Perhaps the reason there is such anticipation for the April 8th eclipse is the fact that the next such event won't be visible in the United States until August 23rd. That would be August 23rd of 2044, so you can see why so many want to be a part of the upcoming "sky show" since it's going to be quite a while before we see the sequel.

And since you're heading to Texas and you'll need snacks, we thought we'd offer some opinions on what to get while you're getting there.

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