Someone who was experiencing car trouble in Lafayette claims that David Spade came to his rescue.

The Tweet, from Jesse Ball @88ballrobert88 claims that as he was broken down in Lafayette, David Spade stopped to see if he could lend a hand.

As it turns out, according to Ball, Spade had the wrench needed to get him back on the road.

"My starter wire came off and he (Spade) totally had the wrench we needed and saved the day!" - Jesse Ball, via Twitter

Ball says that Spade told him he was in Louisiana for a funeral and, judging by the Tweet, he still can't believe his luck. I'm wondering: was it lucky to have a wire come loose so you can meet David Spade? Hmmm...

If Spade was packing wrenches, I am wondering if he was dressed like this:

World of Books (
World of Books (

Ball originally tagged TMZ on the Tweet, so I searched their site but came up with nothing.

It appears that it wasn't until he got back on the road that Ball thought about proof of his claim. The first Tweet came at 7:57 pm, claiming that Spade helped him out. The next Tweet, at 8:02 pm, shows us what Ball is probably regretting:

Was it really David Spade? We may never know because Jesse didn't take a picture.

Take a picture. Always take a picture.

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