You may not have heard of Snapchat. I promise you , your children have. Snapchat is program that allows its users to take "throwaway" pictures to send to their friends. The pictures are "throwaway" because they automatically delete themselves a few seconds after they are opened. That's the way it's supposed to work.

We have mentioned before why Snapchat might be one of the most dangerous apps your child could ever download. The fact that kids think they can send pictures that can't be saved is false. Unfortunately many young people, especially young women are finding out this reality the hard way. There is now another security breach in the Snapchat saga.

The current security breach has exposed millions of Snapchat users information to possible identity thieves. There is a way you can check to see if your Snapchat account has been compromised. While the speculation that information gleaned from hacking the Snapchat accounts is not particularly sensitive. There is a concern that many account users have similar user names and passwords for other accounts that might give evil doers access to more important personal and financial information.