The owners and management of the National Football League franchise headquartered in our nation's capital could be one step closer to resolving one of it's biggest public relations nightmares. That nightmare is the team's nickname and mascot. A moniker that many have found to be horribly offensive to native Americans.

John Ourand, a reporter and columnist with Sports Business Journal made this tweet yesterday (Sunday, July 12).

Based on earlier information the team and its principles reviewed the current moniker and trademarks earlier this month. According to sources Ourand suggested that a new name may have already been chosen however the unveiling of that name would not happen until all legal hurdles including trademark issues had been settled.

Washington team owner Dan Snyder had gone on record as saying the team would change names "Over his dead body". Since there has been no news of Mr. Snyder's passing we can only assume that he has had a change of heart.

Sources close to the name change process believe the team plans to hold on to its current color scheme of burgundy and gold. Washington's Head Coach Ron Rivera had gone on record as saying the team wanted to include the military in its new name.

The team has been operating under its current namesake for the past 87 years.


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