They were once cheap pieces of plastic with all the firepower of a plant mister. Then they became these gallon sized plastic portals of a seemingly unstoppable stream of water. Now, the future of the water gun, or squirt gun as my generation called them, has arrived.

It's called the Spyra One and based on reaction to its Kickstarter request you can bet it will soon be a part of the wet and wild landscape of the American backyard. What makes the Spyra One different from the Super Soaker is three-fold.

The Spyra One shoots short bursts of water, water pellets if you will, unlike the Super Soaker that shoots a continuous stream. The short bursts of water allow the shooter to zero in on the target and blast them with multiple squirts over a longer distance.

The Super Soaker's biggest drawback to me has always been the pumping. In order to shoot your stream, you've got to pump that bad boy fast and hard. The Spyra One doesn't need pumping. It has an onboard electric pump that allows the shooter to blast over one thousand bursts between charges.

The third big difference if you ask me is the way you refill the Spyra One. Its autoloading feature sucks the water into the chamber and can be refilled a lot faster than the Super Soaker at the garden hose method. That means more time squirting and less time getting squirted while you refill.

Are there drawbacks to the Spyra One? Of course, there are but it doesn't matter. It's a new toy and there has been enough money raised on the Kickstarter to begin production. Don't be surprised if you find yourself caught in the cooling crossfire of short bursts of water in a summertime not too far away.


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