The drip of some Saturday morning coffee pots will likely run dry for some residents of Port Barre this weekend. The city of Port Barre has announced that water service to residents who live north of Bayou Courtableau will be interrupted beginning at 8:30 on Saturday morning.

All residents along Saizan Avenue, including east and west Courtableau streets as well as all intersecting streets including the O.G. Track will be affected. The reason for the interruption in service is so that crews can repair a gas line. That gas line runs on top of the water line, hence the need to suspend service.

City officials estimate the repairs will take at least six hours to complete. Residents are encouraged to plan ahead for the outage. For us coffee drinkers that might mean filling the coffee maker up on Friday night before bedtime. If you think we'd be grumpy without water, just imagine how grumpy we would be without water and coffee.

Once water service has been restored the area affected will be under a boil advisory until officials can verify the repairs and water quality.


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