Are you feeling tired right about now? Well maybe this will help: tomorrow you will feel just a tad bit less tired!

A new study has found that we sleep better on Tuesdays than any other night of the week.

Yeah, I guess I can see how that would make sense.

The researchers have two theories behind the findings. One is that by Tuesday night, we've gotten through the first couple days of the work week and we have a good idea what to expect the rest of the week, so we don't have that much stress.

And second, chances are you're not getting hammered or eating some giant meal on a Tuesday night, which helps you sleep better.

The study also found Mondays to be the second-best night of sleep. The two nights when we get the worst sleep are Saturdays and Fridays.

I guess I'm kind of opposite. I catch up on my sleep on the weekends!