The sound of raindrops on the roof is great for going to sleep. It's not so great when you have plans on your day off. Chances are a lot of your plans are being modified as we speak because of the showers and thunderstorms we're seeing this morning.

This has prompted the National Weather Service to issue a coastal flood advisory for St.Mary, Iberia, Vermilion, and Cameron Parishes.  A strong onshore flow will push water into the coast during the day. This could exacerbate already full bayous, streams, and coulees and cause a significant increase in tides. The forecast says this strong southeasterly fetch could increase astronomical tides as much as a foot to a foot and a half.

Forecasters say today's rain chance will continue to be higher than they would be a for a typical summer day.  The forecast for Southwest Louisiana shows rain chance will remain high all the way through Monday.

Rain chances are only slightly less as move toward Lafayette and Baton Rouge. The forecast still holds a significant threat of showers and thunderstorms at least through the start of the next work week.