We've all smelled bacon and gotten very hungry. When we walk past a bakery our mouths water and we really need to stop in for a bite. If our nose can make us hungry shouldn't it be able to make us feel full too?

A British fragrance company is banking on our noses knowing the way to a smaller waistline.


The company called the Fragrance Shop has introduced a new scent called Prends-Moi and they are billing it as the world's first weight loss perfume. The fragrance is laced with ingredients you'd find in other weight loss products such as caffeine, carnitine, and spirulina, which stimulate weight loss and make the person wearing the perfume feel full.

Does it work? Probably if combined with a sensible diet and exercise. The good news about Prends-Moi is you can't buy it in America right now it is only available in Europe so I am sure it will be at least a few more months before we will see the infomercials blowing up all over television.

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