Wendy's is shaking up their Frosty menu game again. This time, we're getting yet another flavor as the Peppermint Frosty hits the menu on Tuesday, November 15.

This is only the third new Frosty flavor that has been added in the last 16 years, however, that now makes two of them this year.

You may recall over the summer, Wendy's brought the Strawberry Frosty and it was quite popular. But it looks like it's going away to make room for the new peppermint flavor.


“The Peppermint Frosty is our latest flavor innovation on the iconic Wendy’s Frosty that fans have come to know and love for over 50 years,” said John Li, Vice President of Culinary Innovation for the Wendy’s Company. “It’s the classic thick and creamy Frosty that our fans crave with bursts of fresh peppermint – every sweet bite will put you in the holiday spirit.”

Why only two flavors at a time?

Most Wendy's locations only have two Frosty machines, so you can only do two flavors at once.

So, with the new Peppermint option in the mix, out goes Strawberry. That also means you won't be seeing the return of Vanilla for a bit as well.

Will more new flavors be added in the future?

According to one executive with Wendy's, he says he "wouldn't be surprised" if they decide to try more new flavors in 2023.

The possibilities are out there for some cool new options...and potentially some really wild ones.

Crawfish boil-flavored Frostys anyone?

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