The internet's collective heads are exploding at the sudden realization that they've been doing...well, everything wrong!

Generally, there's a lot of chopping that goes into eating pineapples. Most people will hack off the "peel" of the pineapple to get to the succulent edible part. Apparently that's not the way to go about it.

So, this WHOLE time we were supposed to be just picking it apart like it's it's own little garden of goodness?!

What else have we been doing wrong? Oh...microwaving our food? Come on!

Yep...we should have paid more attention to pizza rolls. You know how you're supposed to arrange them around the edge of the plate? That's how you should be arranging all food you microwave.

Conventional ovens send heat from the top and bottom. But microwaves send heat from all sides of the oven, leaving the middle as the "coolest" part. Essentially, you need to make a donut shape with whatever food you're putting on your plate, leaving the middle empty.

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