When should kids stop trick-or-treating? Personally, I don't think there should be an age limit for it and we should do the darn thing till we can't walk anymore.

Society may disagree with me.

A survey asked people when kids should stop trick-or-treating. And the average is 12.

Actually, I kind of agree with this age. I believe once I hit the teenage years, I went from candy-getter to candy-giver. That was kind of fun.

Here are a few other results from this Halloween survey:

Parents have different strategies for moderating candy intake. 35% limit the number of pieces per day. 21% take all the candy and choose how much to let their kids have. 14% limit their kids' total number of pieces overall and 9% limit by calories.

And finally, one out of six people say they're wearing the same costume as they did last year.