The word addiction, it conjures up images of a shaky shadowy figure hunched down behind a dumpster in a downtown alley. Or maybe the image your mind creates when you hear the word addiction is a guy sleeping on a park bench on a cold Winter evening. Addiction is not  pretty but believe it or not we've all go our demons to deal with.

The truth about "addictions" , I used the quotes for a reason, is that most of them are not life destroying unless taken to real extremes. Most of the things we find ourselves becoming dependent on are a product of our minds and not our physiology. Since it's the weekend, let's take a lighter look at the things we can't live with out.

The Arizona Republic Newspaper did a story and reported the facts concerning the preferences of what men and women could not go  one week without. Among the survey items were sex, beer, pizza, Facebook, chocolate,  the computer and the cellphone. I want you to ask yourself this question before you read the results of the surveys. Which of those items would you have the most difficult time giving up for a week?

If you said beer, then chances are you would be a man. The survey suggested that 28% of men and 13% of women couldn't go a week without a beer.

What about pizza? The numbers fell very close to the number we just saw for beer. 31% of men and 24% of women said a week without pizza was a bad thing.

Could you go a week without chocolate? If you're a woman you'd have a more difficult time dealing without the sweet treat than if you were a man. 36% of men and 45% of women couldn't go a week without chocolate.

Let's be all adult now and ask about sex. I really thought the numbers would be higher for men but maybe that's just bragging in front of the boys. 54% of men and 40% of women couldn't go a week without sex.  Note that more women would have trouble giving up chocolate than sex.

What about that cellphone you can't keep your hands off of? The survey showed  77% of men and 81% of women couldn't go a week without a phone. You might be wondering why so many women would have trouble unhanding the phone, I think it's because of the next category.

Could you go a week without Facebook? If you're a man it's not that big of a deal,41% of men and 57% of women couldn't go a week without Facebook. For the ladies the stakes seem to be much higher.

Speaking of higher what is the one item that neither gender was willing to relinquish for a week? That would be the computer and internet, 79% of men and 87% of women couldn't go a week without their computer or iPad .

So while addiction might seem like a back alley disease when portrayed in a Hollywood blockbuster in reality we all have our demons to deal with. Want more proof? Hide the remote control or remove the batteries from it during football season and you can see a man go from civilized to animal in under 30 seconds.

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