I am sure you are saying to yourself," it depends on if a cop is watching".  Well to me the speed limit is the number that is on the sign beside the road that says "speed limit". After talking with a good number of you and even hearing from some of our elected and appointed officials that number is simply a best guess. According to what I have read, Lafayette's speed cameras will only take a violation photograph if the offending vehicle is traveling above a certain threshold.The only zero tolerance is in school zones.

For example, if you are traveling in a 45 mph zone you can actually be traveling at 54 mph and not trip the sensors on the speed camera. Why? If the speed limit is 45 mph should you be in violation at 46 mph? I don't understand the games that we have to play with the speed limit. I understand not all car and truck speedometers are calibrated the same way. My question is why aren't they?

If your speedometer isn't then why do you get a hall pass on breaking the law? I understand that legislation was actually proposed to insure that these buffers between posted speed and enforceable speed were written into the law. I don't get it. Why can't the posted speed be the posted speed? If 54 is deemed a safe speed why not make that the speed limit and have zero tolerance?

I am all for people driving safely. I understand that no matter what the posted speed there are going to be those that feel they are above the  law. Those are the same jack wagons that park in the fire lane at the grocery store. I am simply suggesting common sense. Make the sign say what the speed limit is and then enforce it mightily. That would solve all the speeding issues on any street in any town.

This of course doesn't apply to Maurice where the speed limit is simply what the officer on duty chooses to make it that day. Safe Driving!

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