I really like ice cream. One of my favorite brands of ice cream is made by the Blue Bell Creamery in Brenham Texas. I like their flavor selection. I like their price. I like their product. I know many of you feel the same way I do. However, with the recent events surrounding Blue Bell and it's recall of products you have to wonder how this will affect the company.

This is not the first recall of food. There have been many. Other companies  have been forced to pull their products from the shelves of stores so this isn't a first in the annals of business news. However, some companies return from these setbacks even stronger, while others wilt under the public scrutiny.

Tulane Business Professor Mark Rosa told the Louisiana Radio Network his thoughts what was next for Blue Bell.

"I remember the Tylenol scare many years ago and what ripple effect that has through the community.  They're just exposed to a significant amount of reputation risk."

Certainly the reputation of the company has been damaged, but they do appear to be taking all the proper steps to reassure the public that their product is safe.

"They have to make new product, people have to feel comfortable with it buying it again, stocking store shelves.  So it is quite a herculean effort."

The inspection of Blue Bell's production lines and practices is continuing and according to a company spokesperson consumers could start seeing Blue Bell products back in their favorite stores within weeks.

I personally can't wait. I will be among the first in line to lay down my hard earned money for a container of Blue Bell. From my point of view this was a tragic oversight. I believe the company did the right thing by shutting down production, pulling the product, and letting the public know what was going on.

I am sure this incident will damage the company, but only for a little while.  I guess time will tell whether my faith in Blue Bell was deserved or whether my love of ice cream will be the death of me.  Regardless, if you have to pass on to the great beyond, wouldn't you want to do that with a bowl full of Blue Bell Ice Cream?


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