Relationships, commitments, love, understanding, tenderness and who gets to use the remote control,those are all big issues when it comes to having a loving relationship that lasts. Ladies you probably don't think men see anything other than your lovely physical attributes and you'd be right (no reason for me to lie about it). But we are also looking for more than soft round curves, luscious pouting lips and a seductive come hither-to-me-smile. Really we are, stop laughing.

Relationships are built on a love based attraction, so what's important would be know the traits in a woman, that men find most attractive, which makes them fall in love.

Men want to fall in love as much as women, at least I believe that. If you want a little better understanding of what makes  us go head over heels, then give a click below. You might want to take notes.

(via What Do Men Find Attractive in a Woman?.)