Just think somewhere up North in frozen Pennsylvania a bunch of fools are trudging out in a blizzard to see if a rodent can see his shadow. That will sighting or lack there of will forecast our weather. I think those that created this custom must have also perfected the art of distilling if you know what I mean. If you really want to know why we do this on the second day of February, I just happen to have the answers!

Groundhog Day is similar to some other holidays commemorating the changing of the seasons or the end of winter. The holiday has origins in ancient European weather lore, and it is similar to the medieval Catholic holiday of Candlemas and the Gaelic holiday of Imbolc, among others.

It's not much of a holiday, no special meal, no presents no big sale at Wal-Mart, oh well there is always United Nations Day to look forward to!

(via Groundhog Day: how much more winter? - Moberly, MO - Moberly Monitor-Index.)