First of all, I know this video isn't that great and doesn't really show you what was going on. I'm hoping by posting this, someone in Acadiana will see it and have better video to share. That being said, what in the heck were all these fiery looking lights in the sky Friday night over Lafayette?!?

This video doesn't quite show it very well, but there were dozens of these lights over Lafayette for about a 20 minute period. The lights were actually the color of fire, and did not blink. They look like they're blinking in this video because they're traveling behind clouds. Pretty sure they're not Chinese lanterns due to how high in the sky they were, and how big the lights looked. If they were, they would have had to have been HUGE. I've heard there was some sort of military thing going on that night, but I don't really know anything about it. I've never seen aircraft lights this color, and with lights that don't blink. Do you know what was going on?