Who hasn't thought about what you would do if you had the winning ticket? And now that we have the fourth largest jackpot in Powerball history coming up this week, are you thinking, 'Hey, it could happen to me!'? $750 million is a lotttttttt to deal with so suddenly.

So what would you do if you actually won? Huff Post has some suggestions that are pretty spot on, and very practical, just in case you find yourself with the winning numbers. Good luck, friends!

  • Make sure you get the annuity, or annual payments, instead of a lump sum. I'm not sure I agree with this one, because some states will not allow heirs to inherit the balance of your winnings if you pass away before it's paid off. Check with your state Lottery officials to be sure
  • Give back to your community! Now is your chance to do something good for yourself and society
  • Get a financial adviser. Right now
  • Don't tell anyone that you won. Or if you have to, make it as few people as possible
  • Calm down, and don't make any quick decisions about what to do with the money. You don't actually have to cash your ticket in today.


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