My knowledge of what to do if I happen to cross paths with a bear is based on what I have seen in cartoons. I don't know whether to play dead, attempt to look large and menacing or to simply run like Leonard Fournette on an open football field.

The truth is I would probably evacuate my bowels, empty my bladder, and then pass out on the spot if I ever came within a few yards of a real live bear. I don't think that is the recommended response but thanks to a new website both you and I can now be educated on the proper bear encounter etiquette. is that site. The purpose of the site is to educate you and me how to become a better neighbor one of our state's original citizens the Black Bear. The site offers some great advice on how to keep your chances of an angry bear encounter to a minimum.

The fact that Louisiana's Black Bear population has been on the increase thanks to some outstanding conservation programs and the fact that we humans are moving into more and more of the bear's natural habitat means the chances of a bear encounter are on the increase as well. That's why this website could truly be a lifesaver.

There's advice on how to discourage bears from visiting your camp or rural property. There's advice on how to keep your domestic animals safe in bear country. There is also advice on what to do should you happen to cross paths with a bear in the wild.

I was right by the way, the poop, pee, and pass out method isn't as highly regarded as the quietly move away method or the make yourself loud and large method. Personally, I don't want to test any of these methods. I think I will focus on how to keep the bears on their side of nature while I respectfully enjoy my side.


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