As you know, the Oklahoma tornadoes which swept through Moore, Oklahoma yesterday afternoon only left destruction and devastation in it's path. I can't imagine what all of the tornado victims are going through. Some people are left with only the shirts on their backs. There are some things everyone should know about tornadoes and some great ways to help the Oklahoma tornado victims.

Tornadoes can be active in Louisiana during the months of January and February.  According to the National Weather Service, Louisiana ranks 10th nationally for tornado frequency.  It's scary, but the states located in "tornado alley" are more susceptible to Category EF4 and EF5 tornadoes. These two categories produce wind speeds ranging from 166-200+ mph with incredible damage and homes ripped from their foundations.

"Tornado alley" is considered to be the areas of the Central United States:  northern Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. Tornadoes are quite frequent in this area especially during the month of May. Everyone should be knowledgeable about what to do during a tornado to remain safe- here are four, great tips.

Let's help the Oklahoma tornado victims by donating money to several, different relief outlets. Just $10 could really make a difference in helping responders and victims get through this difficult time. It's times like these we have to recognize how fortunate we are.


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