It's as if the member principals of the LHSAA, the Louisiana High School Athletic Association, have pulled out a frilly envelope, some beautiful stationery, and their most elegant pen to send an invitation. The invitation is to the Louisiana Legislature. It basically says " Won't you please get involved in our business"?

Chances are that will be happening since the members of the LHSAA voted to keep the split playoff system. They also voted to keep that system in place not only for football but baseball, softball, and basketball.

How good will the playoffs be under this system?

So schools with zero wins, 0-20 in a 32-team bracket, but is a 21-seed and they haven't won a damn game.

Those are the words of the LHSAA's very own Executive Director Eddie Bonine as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. 

Based upon the vote by the members there will be nine different championships in high school football. You can expect seven to twelve different champions from basketball, softball, and baseball. Bonine suggests that the new format will mean state championship tournaments will be affected and so will their host cities.

It's going to kill them, instead of three night stay at a hotel in that area, the teams are coming in and leaving.

Many private schools will be in the playoffs against teams they have already faced in the regular season since the pool of school is smaller.

You call that a playoff and it's all the teams you've played already, it's not the way it should be and it's really disappointing.

That's what Coach JT Curtis of state powerhouse John Curtis told LRN.

Based on many observations  around the state you can expect one of two things to start gaining traction. There will either be a mandated change to playoffs courtesy of the Legislature or there will be more interest in a new organization that looks to replace the LHSAA.