We have to admit, we're fairly disappointed that NBC and Bryan Fuller's 'Munsters' reboot 'Mockingbird Lane' isn't likely to continue beyond its special Halloween airing of the show's pilot.  Campy and re-hashing a premise though it might have seemed to begin with, once NBC released the first full photos and even a trailer we started to see how the tone actually seemed to work for the series.  So while October 26 will see the pilot airing and likely closing out the show's run, what twist do new photos introduce for the series going forward?

Something seems amiss about the latest 'Mockingbird Lane' photo from TVLine, that closer inspection will reveal, and we're not talking about Portia De Rossi's unusually ample...anyway.  Now that the series is set to air its pilot episode as a Halloween special, we thought we'd seen just about all there is to see from the various photos and trailer, but what's this?  Eddie Izzard's Grampa Munster, or "D" for Dracula as the series was to call him is...gasp, young again?

A closer look at the photo below will reveal that Eddie Izzard has indeed lost a number of years to his portrayal of the classic 'Munsters' character, as a twist late in the episode's pilot would see the centuries-old vampire regaining a youthful appearance.  What exactly triggers the transformation will have to wait until Friday, October 26, but it will likely taste rather bittersweet considering NBC isn't likely to order any additional episodes.

Give us your theory on Grampa Munster's de-aging, and tell us if you'll at least tune in to watch the pilot in the comments!

Mockingbird Lane Eddie Izzard Twist

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