Believe it or not there is a method to the madness that museums use to insure that the artwork they display is a the perfect height for most people to enjoy it. You can bring museum quality art hanging techniques to your home and trust me it will make the pieces you choose to decorate your home stand out even more than you could ever believe.

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The sad truth about most artwork that is displayed in most American homes is that it's hung too high. The same goes for most mirrors too. Those in the know say there is a magic number that you should know when it comes to mounting your frame for all to see. That magic number is 57.  57 inches that is. That should be the distance from the middle of the painting to the floor.

This measurement puts the focal point of your artwork at the average eye level. In other words it's the perfect angle for the piece to be viewed. Here's how you can determine just where to put the nail in the wall since the nail and hanging wire tend to be a little bit higher than the exact middle of the piece.

  1. Measure and mark 57” on the wall with a pencil.

  2. Measure the height of your wall art and divide by two (this is the center).

  3. Measure the top of your picture to its tightened wire

  4. Subtract the tightened wire height from ½ the wall art’s height—this will tell you how far above your initial 57” mark you should place your hook. (For example: a 20”-tall photo with a tight wire located 2” below the top should have a hook placed at 8” above the mark. 10” – 2” = 8”; the hook should be placed 65” off the floor.)

  5. Mark your hook height, and hang your art.

Those instructions are courtesy of They have all the extra info you might need to make sure that the artwork, photographs, pictures of Elvis on black velvet, and dogs playing poker will always look their best to your artistic senses.

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