came up with a list of The 25 Best Quirky Baby Girl Names by State and, no surprise here, a Louisiana inspired name made the list.

Coming in at number seven on Cafemom's list is the name Jolie.

Is the name Jolie Louisiana inspired? Definitely. Is it quirky? I wouldn't say so. A quirky Louisiana name would something like Gatorella or naming your daughter Etouffee, but you could call her Ettie for short which is pretty cute and still way quirkier than Jolie.

Jolie is a beautiful name, which is probably why it's risen almost 100 places on the baby name chart in the past 2 years. Don't worry it's still only at #667, so if you were looking for a baby name that you don't see everyday Jolie is a gorgeous option.

A few of the other "quirky" baby girl names that made the list were Aspyn (North Dakota), Faigy (New York), and Arleth (Arizona). You can check the rest out at!

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