I think every parent has lived this dream before, your child finds a "pet" in the wild and wants to keep it. I know when I was a kid we  used to hold frogs and turtles and the occasional bird hostage in a cage for a few days but we always let them go or they died.

This young man has found a squirrel, not a baby squirrel, this squirrel looks like Buddha with fur. Naturally the question about keeping the squirrel as a pet rears its ugly head. That is when the squirrel takes matters into its own hands or should I say teeth.

If you've never witnessed a complete and total freakout by a child then you are in luck. This young man is convinced he is going to die from the squirrel bite. Are squirrels known to carry rabies? How safe is your back yard?

Regardless I think everyone, including the squirrel makes it out alive. By the way did anybody think of the former boy band Hanson while they were watching this?