I bet you are thinking one of two things, how does he  know about that subject ? Or when will the funeral be after Tracy Wirtz reads this post and kills him? I am here to tell you my personal knowledge of the headline subject is minimal. I am also here to tell you that Tracy gave me permission to share this story because it's too important not to share.

October is national Breast Cancer Awareness month. Breast cancer is a very personal issue with me. My big sister Linda was taken from this Earth because of this very unforgiving disease. The tragedy in my sister's story is this. She probably could have been saved if she had not been so scared. That is where Tracy's story intersects with my own personal journey.

me and my sister
Linda-My Big Sister



My sister, through self examination, discovered a lump on one her breasts. She waited to tell my Mom and Dad, me or my brothers about it for several months. During that time the tiny lump had become larger and the cancer had begun to spread.In spite of the surgery, the chemo and all the other treatments the doctors tried we were too late. Maybe those couple of months could have made the difference.

Maybe saying something back then would have allowed my big sister to know the niece that is her namesake.Maybe she would have been around to see my son play piano at Carnegie Hall. Maybe she would have simply been there for me to talk to.

I couldn't imagine how anyone could be more scared of the checkup than the possibility of the disease. I found out this a far more common occurrence than most of us would dare to believe.

I was relating my sister's story to Tracy and Krista, who is on the radio show with me, at lunch the other day. The loss of my sister is one of the reasons October is a very tough and emotional month for me. That is when Tracy shared her story about a similar health scare that she had a few years back.

I am grateful my friend is such a talented writer because you can really feel the emotion of her journey by reading the story that is posted here. I am also very grateful that she has allowed me to share this very personal tale with you.

I hope every woman will read Tracy's story and share it with someone they love. We can't allow our wives, daughters, girlfriends and important  people in  our lives to be afraid to get a check up.Men, that also means that you and I need to schedule an appointment with our doctors too. We can prevent most of the bad things that happen to us just by getting a check up.

I have been told mammograms are not the most comfortable procedures in the world. From what Jill, my wife, has told me of the procedure. The breast is pulled and stretched and squashed in a most unflattering way. I am sure it must be very uncomfortable and I can only imagine the pain.  But I just can't imagine it hurting more than missing your big sister.

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