When is a city no longer a city?

When the US Census Bureau comes out with its report.

It was reported by KATC TV 3 a few days ago that the city of Jeanerette is no longer considered a city. This means that they lost population according to the 2020 US Census. While this could be a possibility, Demographer Mike Hefner says, “it is likely more than 5,000 people live in Jeanerette; however, not everyone filled out a census.” 

According to the Louisiana Directory of cities, towns, and villages, “Classification of Municipalities Municipal corporations shall be divided into three classes: cities, towns, and villages. Those having five thousand inhabitants or more are cities; those having less than five thousand but more than one thousand are towns, and those having one thousand or fewer inhabitants are villages.”

There are a few other cities that are close to losing their “city” status in Louisiana. 

Brownfield: 5,145

Google Maps

Cut Off: 5,533

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Gray: 5,518

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Inniswold: 5,987

Google Maps

Leesville: 5,649

Google Maps

Marksville: 5,065

Google Maps

Patterson: 5,931

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St. Martinville: 5,379

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Violet: 5,758

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However, a few towns were upgraded during the 2020 census to cities. Those newly classified cities are:

Carlyss had a total population of 5,101 residents in the 2020 census. In the 2010 census, Carlyss registered a population of 4,670, which gave the town a 431 person jump to officially become a city.

Elmwood got a 1,014 person jump to reach a population of 5,649.

Grambling added 290 residents to its population in the 2020 census to make it officially a city with a population of 5,239.

There were three cities that were downgraded to towns in the 2020 Census. Those newly classified towns are:

Mansfield had a total population of 5,001 for the 2010 census. In the 2020 census, Mansfield was registered with 4,714 residents. 

Port Allen came out with a total population of 5,180 during the 2010 census. For the 2020 census, Port Allen had a total population of 4,939.

Springhill City counted 5,269 residents during the 2010 census. In the 2020 census, it was reported that Springhill City had a total population of 4,801. 


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