There is an epic battle that goes on in the bathrooms of many Americans everyday. No, it's not the toilet paper over the top or put the toilet seat back battle. It is the battle for cleanliness. When should you shower? Is it better to shower at night after a tough day or is it better to let the water wake you up in the morning?

The answer is 100% perfectly clear on the question. That answer is yes. No, really there's no real wrong answer when it comes to the question of the best time to shower. It really should be a function of what has happened to you during the day or what could happen to you while you sleep.

If you're an outside worker or you go to the gym before bedtime then a shower at night is a great idea. Also if you're someone who wears a significant amount of make-up or someone who used sunblock then a before bedtime shower would be your best option.

The best arguments for showering in the morning are these. Did you sweat a lot during the night time? Whether you just sweat a lot or had nocturnal physical activity it's probably a good idea to "wash that thing" before you head to the office.

Since a lot of men shave in the morning showering is a great what to make that activity less painful  and with much less blood. The warm water from the shower will actually soften your beard making shaving a lot easier. I usually shave in the shower. It prevents the unsightly whiskers in the sink too.

Researchers offer this one other nugget you should know about showering in the morning. If you've got to solve problems or be creative in your job a morning hose down is a must for you. There is something about the cascade of warm water on your noggin that stimulates creative thought.

There is one fact that you should be aware of regarding showering. One is plenty. You don't need to shower twice unless you've made a mess of yourself after you've showered the night before. Too much hot water and soap will dry out your skin and that's just not a look that any of us are going for.

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