There are some subjects that as a writer I never thought I would ever feel the need to write about. The dynamic contrast and comparison between using toilet paper versus using a bidet is one of those subjects. I also thought I'd never be a part of a global pandemic either. Since one of those subjects happens to feed into the other subject I guess the time to write has arrived.

If you're not familiar with what a bidet does think of it as a pressure washer for your pooper. Instead of cleaning your highly sensitive and very personal areas with soft tissue, a bidet will shoot a stream of water, usually heated, at that portion of your anatomy. This action cleans the bottom of any leftover organic material.

One of the most recognizable perks of bidet ownership has been illustrated quite nicely during our coronavirus Stay-at-Home order. With a bidet, you don't need nearly as much toilet paper. So, if the stores run low or run out you can still keep your personal routine flowing without interruption.

There are also the costs involved with each item. A low-cost bidet attachment for your toilet seat could set you back $25. There are certainly other more expensive models that offer more comfort but still, you're only looking at about a $100 investment.

Now, when you consider a family of 2.5 people will use about 409 rolls of toilet tissue annually that investment in a bidet could be thought of as savings on toilet tissue. Especially when you consider that the average family will spend over a hundred bucks each year on the tissue.

There is also the health aspect of using a bidet. The devices are simply cleaner than using a tissue. Since you never have to put your hands anywhere near the offensive material your body produces you won't have as big of concern about hygiene.

Many of today's modern bidets also help keep your toilet bowl clean and sanitized. Now that is something that toilet tissue has never done. And unless you really have no idea how a bidet works, you're not going to clog your toilet or city sewer system by using a bidet.

The bottom line for your bottom is this, a bidet is a more sanitary way to take care of your personal hygiene needs. While it doesn't wipe out the need for toilet tissue completely it is certainly a more welcome feeling than what you'll experience if your finger breaks through that cheap one-ply paper you bought at the dollar store because they were out of the real brands.





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