So you have all this toilet paper all of a sudden and think you're good for a while.

Well, you probably are.

But if you really want to check out how long your stash of toilet paper will last, there's a website to help you out.

The site, called, reports its average user has 500% more toilet paper than they need during the quarantine.

Caw cat, that's a lot of flushes!

The website is simple to use. Go to the site and enter how many rolls of toilet paper you have and how many times you visit the bathroom. (Just keep in mind, it only shows the "per person" amount.)

The simple calculator will tell you how much toilet paper you need to survive the pandemic.

So far more than two million people have used the website. Designers of the site hope it will reduce the toilet paper shortage around the world.

Hopefully, this will help some of us actually get some TP now.

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