It happens. We all get gas. Sometimes we ingest a little extra air with the food we eat. Sometimes it's a chemical combination of the kinds of food we as they are processed by our digestive system. As humans, unless you're old and just don't care anymore are you listening Grandma, we can usually cap the output.

What about when your dog has gas? That's when some of the most noxious paint peeling fumes ever unleashed on Earth are expelled into the atmosphere. Obviously, an animal that drinks toilet water couldn't care less about public decorum.

Just like humans have Beano and other gas reducing medications and supplements there are products you can give your dog to help ease that natural gas production down to OPEC levels.

Dog gas usually comes from a change in diet. If that's happened you can go back to the regular chow your pup normally eats. If there hasn't been a change in diet and your pooch just has an upset stomach you might want to try herbal supplements like Carminative.

There are also other suggestions you might consider. However, we recommend that you consult your veterinarian before you give your dog anything outside of his normal diet. Flatulence in dogs can be very normal. It can also be a sign of a more serious issue. We know you love your pup even if he or she poots. If you're lucky the fumigation will end in less than 24 hours on its own. Until then turn on the fan and have him sleep downwind. In other words, treat the dog the same way you treat your husband.

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