We have confirmed that singer Whitney Houston drowned in her bathtub. Also, the singer was taking Xanax before her death. Her body was discovered on February 11th.

Houston was prescribed Xanax for anxiety and depression. She was reported to be drinking heavily the night before her death, which doesn't mix well with the medication she was taking. Xanax makes the person who ingests it very drowsy when mixed with alcohol. This caused Houston to fall asleep in the bathtub.

In a chilling recollection, sources informed TMZ that Houston’s stylist, hairstylist and two bodyguards were in Houston’s hotel room at the time of her death. When they realized she’d be in the bathroom for over an hour and needed to get ready, they knocked on the door. When Houston didn’t answer, her female hairstylist went into the bathroom to check on her.

Houston’s face was underwater, while her legs were up, as if she slid down the back of the bathtub. When the hairdresser screamed, Houston’s bodyguard rushed to the scene and pulled her body of the tub. Sources say the body was already very cold when her bodyguard attempted CPR to resuscitate the star. Her bodyguard called hotel security, who in turn got paramedics to the scene shortly. Unfortunately, it was already too late: Houston was pronounced dead at 3:55PM PT.

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