When studying the wave of violent zombie-like attacks that have captivated the nation in recent weeks, one reoccurring similarity becomes clear. In each case the violent perpetrators were believed to be under the influence of a drug known innocently as ‘Bath Salts’. But what are bath salts, why are they making people eat one another, how can you tell if someone is under the influence, and are these headlines a sign of an upcoming zombie apocalypse? We did a little research to find out more about this mysterious drug.

What Are Bath Salts?


Bath salts are a designer drug made from combining the synthetic chemicals MDPV, methylone, mephedrone, and pyrovalerone, though many other ingredients can be included.  Think of bath salts as a combination of LSD and Meth. Not to be confused with Epsom salts and other common mineral bath additives with the same name, the drug bath salts  will do little to increase the soothing properties of your bath.

Bath salts, much like Meth and Ecstasy are manufactured by unlicensed street chemists, therefore the potency, ingredients, and quality differ from batch to batch. Though they may be considered extremely dangerous, bath salts have avoided legal bans by constantly changing the product’s name and recipe, and including a “Not for Human Consumption” warning label on the packaging. The FDA has responded by attempting to ban many of the ingredients used to make bath salts, but the street chemists continue to stay one step ahead by constantly slightly altering the chemicals.

Bath salts are available for legal purchase in many head shops and mini marts under innocent sounding names like “Blue Silk”, “Bliss”, “Vanilla Sky”, and “Ivory Wave”. They are sold in powder form, and can be consumed through snorting, injecting, smoking, or drinking.

Why are people eating one another?


Due to the sudden rise in popularity of the drug, little is known about bath salts’ long term effects.

Some of the short term euphoric effects include relaxation and a sense of well-being, however, along with these euphoric feelings come a few more sinister.

Extreme paranoia,  vivid hallucinations, hostility, aggression, suicidal thoughts, sleep deprivation, and high body temperature are among some of the more troubling aspects of the dangerous drug. The drug is also believed to be extremely addictive, though studies have yet to be able to confirm this presumption.

The mind altering hallucinations teamed with the violence and aggression is believed to be the cause of the recent wave of gruesome crimes associated with the drug.

How can you tell if someone is using bath salts


Unfortunately there is currently no test to determine whether or not a person is, or was recently under the influence of bath salts. The only way you can know for sure if someone has used bath salts is if they tell you. Signs of use include behavior change, hallucinations, suicidal thoughts, and paranoia.

Is a zombie Apocalypse coming?


The drug is particularly dangerous because so little is know about it. Due to it’s legal sale and innocent names, first time users may have no idea what they are getting themselves into. According to the American Association of Poison Control Centers, the number of calls involving bath salts has jumped from 304 reports in 2010 to 6,138 reports in 2011. These numbers indicate that usage is on the rise.

Though recent gruesome headlines may be motivating some to stock up on guns and ammunition and to retreat to a safe bunker, the overall usage rates of the drug are still relatively low. Experts say the best way to prevent additional usage is to educate young people about the extreme mind altering dangers of the drug, and to never assume something is safe for consumption simply because it is sold legally in stores.

Is the zombie apocalypse coming? Probably not, but that doesn’t mean we should take bath salts lightly. This stuff is out there and shouldn’t be ignored. Be aware, be educated, and be safe.


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