There's something going on in Lafayette today. Everywhere you turn, it smells like hot wet garbage. Someone on Twitter said it smells like wet farm animals. People are talking about it all over social media, so if you've smelled it, you're not going crazy.

My daughter missed her bus this morning and sent me a text asking if I could scoop her up and bring her to school. When she opened the door to get into the car I caught a nose full of what smelled like a summer dumpster full of wet cardboard. My daughter is pretty clean, so I thought to myself, "There's no way this smell is coming from her". Eventually I asked her, "Did you brush your teeth?" She responded as any self respecting 13-year-old girl would with a quick and snarky "Um, yeah". Then, when she got out of the car at school I smelled it again.

When I pulled back up to work, Chris Reed from our sister station Hot 107.9 was outside with a look on his face like our septic tank had just blown up. He said "Do you smell this?"

I was pretty relived that he smelled this funk as well.

So, what the heck is going on with the awful smell in Lafayette today? It's a trash pick up day, but I've never smelled this on trash day before.

Did a paper mill open up overnight that we don't know about?

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