It happens everyday in America. A person, such as myself goes to the hardware store, the grocery store, the gas station, a restaurant and pays his bill with cash. Most places probably prefer that you use cash unless you try to pay with a $100 bill.

Don't get me wrong, I don't normally have large bills in my wallet but thanks to my extreme gift for handicapping  horse races I found myself with several "Benjamins" this past week. Trying to spend a $100 bill is darn near impossible.

The lady at the gas station just shook her head said "we don't take that". You don't take American money? The  people at Albertsons and at Lowes did take a C-note off my hands but not without asking to see my drivers license and getting my phone number.

Is this what my America has come to?The only place that won't question your cash is at a casino or the race track. I guess they are used to having customers with  money. This whole cashless society is just baffling to me. You can't write a check for a pizza anymore and they won't take your cash, it's no wonder the economy is circling the drain.

If you don't have a credit or debit card you are just up a creek with no paddle. I am sure that attitude toward plastic will change when we have the next hurricane, flood, plague of locust or complications from sun spots and those electronic card readers aren't working.

I have never been a counterfeiter but if I was going to do that kind of thing. I would make fake $20 dollar bills. You might have to make more stops but you would fly a lot lower under the radar. You also wouldn't be made to feel like a criminal for trying to spend valid legal tender in the country of its origin.

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