Have you received a call from 1-855-211-3919? Are they telling you that your "account is red flagged"? Are they calling other members of your family and threatening them so they urge you to call back? I, my wife and son were all targeted on Christmas Eve. Here's what you need to know.

The call will show up as a private number. If you answer, or if they leave a message, they will tell you that you have flags on your account and need to contact them immediately at 1-855-211-3919. They'll leave you a case reference number for when you call back. They'll threaten you by asking for the name of your attorney and even saying they're sending an "agent" to your house.

Exactly what kind of "account" or what "the red flags" are they won't say.

They called my son and me on Christmas Eve while we had a house full with family, trying to enjoy the holidays with them. When they called, they wanted us to verify if my wife lived at our address and told us if they didn't hear back from her asap they would be sending an "agent" to our house to proceed in this "matter".

However, they claimed they couldn't discuss what this "matter" was.

Yes, I'm using a bunch "quotes" to hopefully illustrate my disgust with these people.

My wife called them today, and they asked her for her social security number. Clearly, no one legitimate will ask you for this, and you should never give that to anyone calling you asking for it.

Without giving these idiots any information, they were suddenly able to "clear the two red flags" on my wife's "account". Never explaining what the "account" was for or why it was "red flagged"

A couple of other things you should know. First, these people are American, meaning they don't foreign accents. The two people we spoke to had more of a Southern accent. Secondly, pay attention to how they pronounce things. They will pronounce and say things wrong that only people from South Louisiana will notice. I don't want to say exactly what these are and help them get it right, but if you're paying attention you'll definitely notice.

Usually, I never answer calls from numbers I don't know. Remember, they will call from a private number so you can't block it. The only reason I answered is because they called my son first, and I was pretty heated about that. I'll give them credit because when I spoke with them, they were pretty good. Good enough for me to start questioning whether or not it was real, and I'm a very skeptical person.

My wife and I did some googling and below are what people are saying about these people.


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