If you like swimming in the summer you may want to stop reading right now. And before everyone gets all judgemental on us, we just want you to know that we know you pee in the swimming pool. Even Olympic Gold Medalist, and famed swimmer Michael Phelps has admitted to peeing in the pool, but says the chlorine kills it, so it's 'not bad'. But some scientists are disagreeing, and are saying that each swimmer leaves behind approximately a shot glass full of urine in the pool. Each and every time. And according to the Guardian, that is about 75 litres of pee, enough to fill a medium sized dust bin, and it's not just in swimming pools, but hot tubs as well. Ugh.

Testing was measured by the amount of artificial sweetener, acesulfame potassium, commonly found in processed food, was found in the water. And it's almost 600 times the amount which is found in ordinary tap water.

If you are asking why don't we just add more chlorine to the pool to keep it 'clean', well there are several reasons why that is not a great idea. Chlorine and Trichloramine in high concentrations can cause respiratory problems, eye irritations, and is harmful if accidentally swallowed. Plus, it's  just generally not good for you.

I don't want to get all technical on you, but scientists are suggesting that this 'under the radar' acceptance of urinating in swimming pools needs to change. Adding more chemicals doesn't sound like such a great solution to me, and if you've ever got a whiff of that chemical smell before you do a cannonball in the deep end, you'll know that we definitely don't need more of that!


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