Silly Putty was one of the simple pleasures of my childhood. I liked the way you could smash it on the newspaper and then stretch the images it picked up into wacky pictures. It was as close to photoshop as we had in the late 1960's.

I have never thought of what would happen if you put Silly Putty in a blender. That's probably because I can't afford to buy a new blender every time I think about shoving different exciting items in the machine.

Obviously the star of this series Will It Blend loves shoving stuff in blenders. You will notice he has several episodes that you can watch. In this episode he is blending Silly Putty, it's very interesting what occurs once the putty has been broken down. I am pretty sure the fumes will give you cancer. So better not try that home, better to watch it here on the computer.

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