As Christmas time approaches we are often reminded that it is more than giving and getting material gifts. This video opened my eyes to the greatest gift anyone could ever give or receive! What is that gift?  It is a secret that is about to be shared with you.

That secret is Love!

In this crazy busy world we live in, trying to Christmas shop without sitting in the traffic by the Acadiana Mall for hours, making enough money to pay this months bills, picking up the little ones from school, it all gets to be overwhelming sometimes, right?

All of the things happening in Our Country seem to be making the Love we should have for one another more distant.  The video you are about to watch is motivation for you and me to Love ourselves and anything and everything around us!

We are reminded that life isn't about what we do for ourselves, it is about what we do for others. Hopefully this short video will change your day, week, month, year by showing you that just as sometimes we become "Blind, "Unloved," "Scared," and feel as though we are a "Shaggy Dawg," Love from another person can make us "see" again.

Here is more info on how you can rescue a beautiful animal.

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