You may or may not believe in ghosts. I've actually had a couple if situations in life that leads me to believe ghosts, or something like ghosts, are completely real. This woman claims that a ghost has routinely been waking her up during the night, and says this is video footage of it actually happening. Real, or fake?

You'll notice a few seconds into the video the door to her bedroom seemingly moving on its own. Then, you'll see what is supposed to be an orb, fly by on her bed as the covers move and wakes her up. Throughout the video, there's definitely seems to be something flying around the room. Is it an orb, a moth, or special effects?

The thing I find interesting is that she doesn't scream when she gets waken up and startled. There is sound on the video, but she doesn't scream. I find that to be pretty genuine actually. I don't think that if something like this happened to me, while I was alone, that I would make any noise.

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