Scott Police Chief Chad Leger is asking for the public's help in identifying a woman that officers discovered on video surveillance that they alleged made off with a bunch of liquor.

Back on January 24, Scott Police detectives say that a woman went into a grocery store in the late afternoon, stuffed several, bottles of liquor inside a big that she was carrying, and then she strolled out of the store.

Scott Police Chief Chad Leger says the woman they allege to have made of with these goods is a black female who wearing dark leggings with a light blue t-shirt.

Leger adds that the woman can be seen in the surveillance photo wearing a shower cap that is black in color..

According to officials with the Scott Police Department, the woman, after making off with all those bottles of booze proceeded to head out to the parking lot. She was seen getting into a car that is a Nissan. The sedan color is not distinguishable other than to note that it is light-colored.

Even though police had been called because the woman didn't pay for the liquor, she was already gone from the parking lot when they arrived on the scene.

Scott Police Chief Chad Leger is hoping that someone will recognize this woman, and that they will then contact their police department.

Do you know this woman? Do you think you might know this woman, then officers with the Scott Police Department want to hear from you.

If you can give police any information, Chief Leger is asking you to call their line at 337-233-37155.

You can also call the Lafayette Crime Stoppers line at 337-232-TIPS, and Chief Leger reminds everyone that all callers can remain anonymous when calling in tips.

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