A Woodlawn High football coach has been placed on administrative leave as the East Baton Rouge Parish School System investigates an incident involving a senior football player.

Weber Mansur was placed on leave last week after Jayden Woods claimed the coach spit on him during a water break two weeks ago. The following day, Woods says the same coach used a racial slur in the locker room.

Woods reported both incidents to his parents and they scheduled a meeting with one of the school's principals, the athletic director, and Coach Mansur.

During that meeting, the family and their attorney said that Mansur admitted to spitting on Woods and did not deny using the slur.

As a result of the ordeal, the family's lawyer, Ryan Thompson, said they are now in the process of filing a restraining order against the coach.

Mansur's attorney, Kris Perret, says the coach was ticketed Wednesday for simple battery. He also said that Mansur denied intentionally spitting on the student and said he didn't use a racial slur. However, the coach did admit to questioning players in the locker room about their use of the word.

Woods claimed the spitting happened at practice two weeks ago.

"We were on a water break, and I was talking to a teammate. I felt water on my arm, legs," Woods said. "When I looked up it was Coach Mansur. We locked eyes and after a while, he just took off his shades and looked me dead in my eyes, wrapped his arms around me, and started talking football."

According to Woods, the coach used a racial slur the next day.

"I was in shock the whole time," Woods continued.

"It shows intention," Thompson said. "This person knew what he was doing or he had knowledge that the spitting incident was going to occur. Someone doesn't use the n-word by happenstance, by mistake. To spit on someone and a day later use the n-word and the response is 'well you guys use it, so I guess it's ok.'"

Both the East Baton Rouge school system and East Baton Rouge Sheriff's Office have confirmed they are investigating.


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