If you grew up in a household where everyone from up north is considered a Yankee, then you'll be able to relate to these words and sayings that only us folks in the south use. I am literally laughing as I type, because all of these are oh so true! Check out some of my favorites below, and be sure to look at the whole list here from  Pretty Southern.


  • Y'all - never 'you guys'
  • Fixin' To - about to do something
  • Lagniappe - a little extra
  • Buggy - as in shopping cart
  • Sweeper - not vacuum cleaner
  • Access Road - Service Road
  • Bless Your Heart - nice way of saying you are stupid
  • Pocketbook - purse
  • Po' Boy - a delicious sandwich used with Louisiana french bread
  • Highway- not freeway
  • Dumber than a Box of Rocks - needs no explanation
  • Honey - used for everyone - as in 'Hey Honey'
  • Sugar - used for everyone - as in 'Hey, Sugar'
  • Coke - any soft drink
  • Neutral ground - not median, as in the street. During Mardi Gras you're either a neutral ground person, or a sidewalk person for the parades

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