We often joke that the real state bird of Louisiana is not really the brown pelican. Many of us believe it is actually the orange traffic cone. We see these cones migrating along our highways and interstates at all times through out the year. As much as we don't like road construction it is imperative that we maintain our roadways and those work zones are what this week is all about.

The Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development has implemented work zone awareness week to remind motorist like you and I to use extra caution around areas that are marked for construction. Secretary of DOTD Sheri LeBas told the Louisiana Radio Network the real reasons why this week is so important.

"For people to be aware of their surroundings when they are driving through construction zones. Slow down, look at the signing, put those cell phones down so we can get to our goal of zero deaths,"

According to statistics, over 600 workers lost their lives in construction zone accidents in 2012. Of those 600 plus fatalities, 12 deaths were reported in Louisiana. This week serves as a reminder of the risk that highway workers put themselves in to make sure our roadways are maintained.

Remember, those guys and gals in the orange vests have families that they want to get home to just like you do. Please, during this week and every week, put down your cellphone and reduce your speed when traveling through a marked work zone, or anytime you see construction equipment along the roadway.