In this current economy, if you have a job you should be thankful. I'm sure most folks are, but workers sometimes have a strange way of showing it.

CareerBuilder recently surveyed 4,000 people and about a third admitting they called in sick in the past year when in fact they weren't really ill. Not really shocking were the excuses to why the hookys didn't show up, including 16 percent just wanting to catch up on sleep.

The excuses were even more interesting to hear. CareerBuilder also polled about 2,500 managers and human resource professionals only to reveal some lame excuses from employees for not showing up:

  • "Employee was upset after watching The Hunger Games."
  • "Employee's dead grandmother was being exhumed for a police investigation."
  • "Employee's hair turned orange from dying her hair at home."

It's not so surprising to learn that three in ten bosses will call to check up on their employees to make sure they really are sick or ask for a doctor's note.

Confession time! Have you ever played hooky from work when you weren't really sick? (Sometimes you know the answer but ask anyway.)


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