If you contract COVID-19, there's a chance you could have to use vacation days for your recovery time spent away from work.

In 2020 as the pandemic began shutdowns across the U.S. the federal government "required most employers to give their employees up to 10 paid sick days to quarantine" according to KNOE.com.

In an effort to increase compliance, the government offered companies a tax credit to offset these costs.

Although the tax credit is still being offered to companies through March of this year, the paid sick leave requirement ended on January 1, 2021.

KNOE.com reports that so far, not all businesses are opting in for the tax credit.

Obviously this could create an issue of employees being reluctant to not go to work over concern of lost wages, even though they may be sick.

Many are urging congress to extend the paid sick leave requirement for employers to avoid these issues.


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