I have to tell you, I have never heard anyone say they called "out" sick...until today. Almost one-fourth of Americans call "out" sick as opposed to calling "in" sick. Who knew?

Have you ever heard one of your coworkers say they called "out" sick? I had not ever heard that term used until a friend said it today. And I was like, what? Called "out" sick? How does a person call "out" sick? And then came the boring explanation.


The more popular term is to call "in" sick. 48% of Americans call "out" sick. 22% call "in" sick, 19% us both and the other 11% weren't sure, which is kinda weird. How do you not know which way you say it?

Calling "in" sick is the most popular way to announce you aren't going to work if you live in the Midwest. Calling "out" sick is used most by people under 35.


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