It's the last gasp of the Summer. School is starting and Summer Camp is a mere memory. I remember going to camp. It was all about mosquitoes, archery and chiggers. If you don't know what chiggers are you didn't go to a real summer camp.

There was also The Blob. The Blob is a partially inflated flotation device that uses air pressure to send campers sailing high into the atmosphere. The Blob is operated by one camper sitting on one end of the partially deflated sack. Another camper or campers jumps on the other end of the sack sending a rush of air pressure down to where the first camper is sitting.

This huge rush of air propels the first camper high into the air. It is hoped that the blob is operated over a body of water or the landing can and will be quite painful

Here is video from out west that claims to be a world record for The Blob. I don't see the guys from the official book in the audience so we will just have to take the participants word that nobody has been dumb enough to try The Blob from that high up.

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